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Looking to clear a building lot for a new construction? Maybe you need to reclaim some of your over grown property ?

At D. Smith Lawn we have the proper equipment for all your land clearing needs. Whether you just need a field or meadow mowed on a regular basis or are looking to do some heavy duty brush cutting.

From the Bobcat Brushcat to the innovative Forestry cutter capable of cutting and shredding brush and trees up to 8" , the forestry is a heavy duty land clearing machine with some pretty amazing capabilities.

So next time you are looking to get that piece of property back under control or clear that lot for your next big construction project Think of D. Smith Lawn first.  We get the job DONE !! 

Scroll down For AWESOME You Tube Video's of the Forestry Cutter In Action !!

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                                                              Field Mowing

         Heavy Brush Cutting ?? No Problem for the Forestry Cutter !!

        Heavy Brush and trees reduced to wood chips in no time !!


       Watch the videos below and see for your self what the forestry cutter is capable of .....

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